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Data analytics for the energy efficiency of buildings.

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Campus Ifsttar, Route de Bouaye CS4, 44 344 Bouguenais cedex, France


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The start-up

Ecotropy provides unlimited access to smart energy management.

Based on real time energy data, weather forecasts, and thermal building modeling, the web portal Buildsense enables sophisticated and real-time analysis of the operating conditions of buildings and optimises their energy performance.

The need

Buildings such as swimming pools or large complex office buildings cost thousands of euros per year due to energy and water consumption. A major part of this cost is due to non optimal operating conditions and discrepancies between the design and building characteristics.

The solution

Buildsense combines energy modelling of the building and real-time consumption data collected on site. Based on this data, Buildsense checks the optimal operation of the entire building, detects any discrepancies leading to unnecessary consumption and suggests optimisation plans based on real time systems control.


The value proposition

  • Energy gains with low investments.
  • Secure energy savings in the long term.