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Thermal storage of renewable energy and its integration in a hybrid microgrid, with power-to-heat flexibility services that can be provided to the electric grid.

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Poort van Veghel 4946, tower 1 6th floor, 5466SB Veghel Netherlands


The Netherlands

Thematic field:

Energy Storage

Market segment:

District Heating Grid, Energy storage, Heating & Cooling

The start-up

Ecovat has created an underground thermal storage vessel with an integrated heat exchange system. The Ecovat Control System (software) connects the thermal storage vessel to electricity markets.


The need

Renewable energy is not always available when needed and, just as often, when energy is available the quantities produced amount to more than is required.

The solution

Ecovat is a thermal, seasonal storage system that enables heat storage of up to 90°C with minimal energy and exergy loss. Over a period of >6 months, less then 10% energy is lost, exergy losses are less then 7%. Ecovat’s storage system is designed for net balancing with power-to-heat and integration in a hybrid smart microgrid.

The value proposition

  • Construction costs are substantially lower than comparable systems.
  • Ecovat is the first storage system that can store up to 90°C and retrieve the energy after a long period with less than 10% loss.
  • A steering system enables power system balancing and flexible utilisation of energy markets.