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Energy optimisation in heat exchange ventilation systems

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The start-up

EffiSol has developed a system that controls the right level of the anti freezing agent in the heat transfer fluid.

The need

The level of antifreeze agents in heat transfer fluid in heat exchange systems is not optimal for an energy transfer. If the mix of the fluid is optimised for an outside temperature of -30 C, the heat transfer decreases by over 60%.

The solution

This invention is a method for property management companies to optimise the level of antifreeze liquid by regulating the fluid to the outside temperature. This prevents an unnecessary low heat transfer capacity.

The value proposition

  • Efficiency improved by up to 18% in a heat exchange system.
  • The flow in the system is improved and the life span of the pipe
    system increased.
  • The life span for the antifreeze agent can be extended from 5 to 15 years.
  • The pay off time for this solution can be 5 years or even shorter.