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Polígono Ciudad del Transporte, C/PA nº11
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Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Non-residential building, Residential building

The start-up

ECOMESH panels simultaneously produce electricity and heat, thereby generating the same energy as conventional thermal and photovoltaic panels separately while reducing the collecting surface by 40%. Additionally, unlike existing hybrid panels on the market, panels increase electricity generation by 15% due to heat dissipation that allows the panels to operate at an optimum temperature, and triples thermal output at elevated temperatures.

The need

The reduction of the collecting surface make the residential sector a clear target, yet significant energy savings can also be obtained in businesses where hot water and electricity consumption takes place, such as pools or industries.

The solution

The ECOMESH panel reduces the collecting surface by 40% thanks to the combined production of electricity and heat in a single panel. Additionally, it increases electricity production by 15% as well as tripling thermal output due to the Transparent Insulation Cover (TIC).

The value proposition

This product provides a means to obtain zero-emission buildings. Apart from contributing to environmental protection, it allows for energy savings as it produces electricity and heat simultaneously in a single panel with very high efficiency. In addition, it reduces the payback period without subsidies thanks to the economic value of simultaneous generation of energy along with improved efficiency.