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Charging made easy

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46 rue René Clair, 75018 Paris, France

The start-up

Energysquare has developed a powerful, reliable and efficient wireless charging technology called Power by Contact. A device that received the CES 2019 “Best of Innovation Award” in competition with 4000 exhibiting companies.

The need

All current wireless charging technologies based on induction waste a great deal of energy, charge at a very low speed and are costly for device manufacturers.

The solution

Power by Contact is a concentrate of advanced microelectronics and algorithms, allowing users to charge all their devices simultaneously on a single surface, at maximum speed, with no electromagnetic waves and no energy loss. Unlike all other technologies developed so far, it is the first technology capable of charging any laptop wirelessly.


The value proposition

  • No charging cables required.
  • Energy no longer wasted on wireless charging.

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