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Heat storage, heat transport, PCM and wasted heat recovery.

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Wielicka Str. 28, 30-552 Krakow, Poland


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The start-up

A tank filled with phase change material (PCM) that allows for the easy storage and transportation of heat energy for short distances (of up to 30 km).

The need

Around 60 TWh of heat energy is lost to the industry in the form of waste heat in Poland alone every year. Due to its nature (low-parameter energy) it is not possible to effectively manage this amount of energy.

The solution

Thanks to this system, waste heat energy could be made productive by transporting it to those areas where it can be made useful. This can be done without the need for any significant investment in the traditional heating network.

The value proposition

  • Obtaining new customers for heat energy in small CHP and biogas plants.
  • Possibility of making heat production independent from electricity production in small CHP (maximising electricity production volume during peak demand).
  • Possibility of managing waste heat energy in industry and profiting from it, instead of wasting it.
  • Possibility of replacing mobile oil boiler used in large CHP.