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Enline Transmission

The Enline Monitoring System is a simple and extensive way to manage the transmission line asset. It provides customized information on the main operating parameters.

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The start-up

The Enline solution is a real-time application based on Internet of Things (IoT) concept. This product provides energy dispatch optimization, evaluation of the operating conditions and the asset management.

The need

There is a lack of innovative tools for transmission line monitoring and optimization systems. Enline fills this gap by applying analytic and stochastic processes to correctly model and make forecasts for the transmission operation.

The solution

Enline provides a monitoring solution for transmission lines. The technology does not necessarily use sensors or any high voltage equipment to access the interested measures. Its evaluation depends on the power system analytic and stochastic models. The remote database and cloud computing explore the IoT concept. The clients can buy a software license according to the interested monitoring measures and energy optimization routines.

The value proposition

Power generation optimization

Predictive maintenance

Optimization of O&M time and costs

Ciber security

Taylor-made solution

Power grid connectivity