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A biomethanation reactor that converts biogas, syngas and CO2 into methane and provides flexibility services to the electrical grid.

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Thematic field:

Clean Coal Technologies

Market segment:

Industry, Municipality, Renewable gas & biofuels

The start-up

Biomethanation uses microorganisms to efficiently convert H2, CO and CO2 into methane that is able to be injected into the gas grid.

The need

Renewable gases need to be upgraded in order to be injected into the gas grid. Biomethanatinon makes it possible to increase methane content by converting CO2, CO and H2 into methane and by reaching grid specifications.

The solution

Enosis’ product is a methanation unit comprising of a reactor which is inoculated with methanogenic microorganisms and its control command. Enosis also provides maintenance services linked to its methanation reactor and sells specifically developed methanogenic consortiums.

The value proposition

  • Simple reactor architecture
  • Biocatalyst self-regeneration
  • Biocatalyst resilience to pollutants and on-off cycle
  • Output gas matching gas grid specifications (CH4 > 97%)
  • Increased turnover for biogas plants
  • Low CAPEX
  • Low OPEX