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Enabling efficient short-term power trading and improved balance management

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Thematic field:

Smart Electric Grid

Market segment:

Power Distribution

The start-up

Expektra offers a range of innovative products and services for electricity trading business, focusing on physical power trading and balancing management. Expektra’s solutions are based on new methods such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, filled with a high degree of automation.

Expektra’s offering both improves precision in the planning stage and makes available new regulating capacity in the operating phase, which strengthens the power system’s tolerance for intermittent power generation such as solar and wind power.

The need

Increasing shares of renewable power generation makes the challenge of balancing the grid increasingly costly. Predicting the near future electricity consumption and production is an important part of the power utility’s daily operations striking directly at the operating costs.

The solution

Expektra’s offering includes:

  • Solutions for daily power trading such as short-term electricity forecasting of consumption and intermittent power production based on artificial intelligence with machine learning (Expektra Predict);
  • A platform, designed to monitor and manage flexibility to increase or decrease consumption, to be used when balancing the power system (Expektra Green Connect);
  • A cloud service that gives you access to updated electricity market data and price information direct within Excel through a simple Excel Add-In or a web service API (Expektra Link).

The value proposition

Expektra Predict is more precise than conventional methods, reducing the need to purchase balancing power and so resulting in substantial cost savings to power utilities. The service is provides as a SaaS (Software as a Service) which allows simple integration, high level of automatisation and low administration costs.

With Expektra Green Connect, both electricity consumers, power retailers and grid owners can take advantage of flexibility as a resource for balancing the electric energy system. The solution enables to reduce balancing and network tariffs costs, to reduce peak demand, to find new revenues or cost savings as well as tools for a more sustainable energy consumption.

Expektra Link enables to save time on tedious and unnecessary routine tasks. The service allows you to increase your productivity with easy automation of tedious data downloads, to minimise risk of data corruption (no more copy-paste), to increase the update frequency and therefore improve the quality of your decision.