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X1 Wind

Scalable and cost-effective offshore wind

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Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Offshore wind

The start-up

X1 Wind is a disruptive floating system with significantly lower weight and easier to install than other existing floating solutions, which allows to achieve a competitive overall cost.

Key Features:

  • Light weight structure (260t/MW compared to 1.000-2.000t/MW state of the art)
  • Improved stability (using TLP mooring system, vs catenary systems)
  • Wider depth range (TLP range 40-1000m vs. 50-250m state of art)
  • Quicker connection using local vessels
  • Cable unwind mechanism (to remove torsion on cable)
  • Built-in crane (to lower components from nacelle on to a barge)

The need

Offshore wind has reduced significantly its price during the past years, but shallow water sites (<30-40m depth) are becoming scarce. Projects need to move to deeper waters, but current floating designs are too heavy and expensive to be competitive.

The solution

X1 Wind has redesigned floating wind platforms to cut 80% the weight and 50% the costs, while expanding the operation depth range in comparison to other floating solutions. The platform is specifically designed to reduce installation, operation and maintenance costs, with the potential to achieve a cost of energy of 50€/MWh. It has less active systems than current designs and can be fully assembled at port and installed using a small tug boat.

The value proposition

-Lower structural costs of platform (lower CAPEX)

-Lower installation costs (lower CAPEX)

-Less active systems and easier maintenance (lower OPEX)

-Improved scalability (downwind turbine allows larger rotors)

-Wider potential market (TLP allows installation in deeper waters)