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Making solar plants more profitable and for much longer.

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Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Solar PV

The start-up

Solutions to optimize & control the performance of solar power plants in a three step approach: free online self-diagnosis, audit of performance, implementation of the solutions recommended during the audit to achieve a minimum 10% increase in production.

The need

Solar plants suffer production losses over time due to degradation, most of the time invisible and/or unknown in origin. Monitoring solutions, when implemented, do not allow accurate identification of the various factors of underperformance or quantify the financial losses related to them

The solution

Feedgy detects underperforming plants and turns them into over-performing installations. Thanks to unique algorithms, a performance audit enables the recognition of the origin of various degradations and provides accurate diagnosis of the condition of the plant, while proposing various options to optimise production using high performance materials. The software also offers the full benefits of real-time performance monitoring over time, paving the way for predictive maintenance.

The value proposition

  • Digital audit to identify 20 types of defaults and degradations in 5 areas.
  • Up to 30% increase in energy production.
  • Extension of the lifespan of solar plants by 20 years.
  • Optimisation of profitability of solar assets with payback <5 years.
  • Premium support in all aspects of the project (legal, financial, insurance, etc.).
  • Innovative digital platform for performance monitoring.