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Power control by integrated and future proof DC nanogrids.

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Thematic field:

Smart Electric Grid

Market segment:

Municipality, Non-residential building, Residential building, Solar PV, Transport & mobility

The start-up

Ferroamp provides highly efficient power electronics and also smart grid services for future needs. Power control, integrating PV, storage and EV charging into a DC nanogrid offers economic benefits both for prosumers and grid operators.

The need

As a response to the increasing proportions of intermittent and low marginal cost electricity generated from renewable resources, future power markets will also price the capacity demand of consumers in addition to electricity consumption. Today, the total transmission and distribution costs are already exceeding the total market value of electricity itself in several markets. However, available solutions meeting the needs of prosumers and grid operators are often neither future proof nor life cycle cost efficient.

The solution

Ferroamp has developed the EnergyHub system, a DC nanogrid integrating the three main components driving the future capacity demand – PV, storage and EV chargers – with the grid. The modular system, optimised for medium-sized residential and non-residential buildings, is available from 7 kW to MW scale and easily adapted to future needs. For prosumers, EnergyHub enables increased self-production and self-consumption of electricity as grid operators benefit from demand response and reactive grid support functionality.
The Ferroamp concept is also expanded to enable connections, not only within one building but also connecting different buildings with the DC net. Through their PowerShare concept they enable sharing of PV power, energy storage and grid connections between different buildings.

The value proposition

  • Increased self-consumption from behind the meter storage and DC distribution.
  • Life cycle cost efficient.
  • Low conversion and transmission losses by only one inverter.
  • Modular scalability and future proof – from 7 kW to MW range.
  • Powerful DC charging of EVs.

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