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The Netherlands

Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Offshore wind, Onshore wind

The start-up

Fibersail shape sensor: Shaping the structures of tomorrow

The need

Unidentified loads on blades leads to underperformance
(2% to 10%) and an increased risk of failure and maintenance costs
(10%) during operations. The high safety levels required, mean
structures must be built to survive excessive and unwanted loads.

The solution

A shape-sensing system based on fiber optic
technology able to measure the deformation of blades during
operation with a simple process of installation that will enable the
turbine to prevent excessive loads through the control system.

• A scalable and cost-efficient monitoring solution for wind turbine
blades and towers.
• Measures shape and curvatures instead of strains along the total
length of the blade.
• Immune to temperature changes or calibration issues.
• Easy to handle or install during the manufacturing process or
retrofitting through local teams.
• Measures the total length of the blade.
• High resolution and precision measurements.

The value proposition

  • Maximised performance and reduced loads by detecting pitch and
    yaw misalignments.
  • Prevents failures by reducing extreme loads and detecting structural
    behaviour difference
  • Reduces maintenance costs by reducing loads and through remote monitoring
  • Reduces cost of blades by reducing mass when the blade can control its own loads.

Strategic Partners and Customers

LOI from LM Wind Power and EDPR, Interest from Vestas on a lower cost solution, Nabla Wind Power and ERG Energy pilot consortium.