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FlexiDAO S.E.S. (Smart Energy Services)

Enabling a digitised green energy future.

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The start-up

FlexiDAO is blockchain-based software that helps energy retailers sell cleaner, cheaper electricity to acquire customers and generate new revenue streams based on energy services. This includes certificates of origin, smart consumption based on market prices and grid balancing services.

The Need

Energy retailers have decreasing margins from renewables and self-consumption. Moreover, it’s hard to acquire customers, who complain about an expensive, non-transparent bill. Retailers need to shift their business model from selling a commodity to selling energy services. However, they lack the internal IT capabilities for this.

The Solution

Our software helps energy retailers automatically manage, control and optimise data and electricity flows from their consumers’ assets – such as HVAC, batteries, EVs, etc. – and from their renewable generation. Consumers can track real-time their 100% green energy and their consumption, while obtaining savings of up to 30% through smart consumption. Remote control is done through a plug and play third party IoT hardware.

The Value Proposition

  • Acquire and retain consumers through cheaper, greener electricity and new energy services.
  • New revenue stream: grid balancing services.
  • Cost reduction: process automation and portfolio optimisation.