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FlexiDAO S.E.S. (Smart Energy Services)

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Thematic field:

Smart Electric Grid

Market segment:

Energy storage, Municipality, Non-residential building, Power Distribution, Power transmission, Residential building, Transport & mobility

The start-up

FlexiDAO is a cleantech start-up company based in Barcelona (Spain) that helps energy retailers build innovative, service-driven business models for corporate energy consumers through blockchain-based applications. With the use of our software, RESpring corporates can avoid greenwashing risks by tracking where their green energy is coming, certified on blockchain. This helps to calculate accurately scope 2 emissions and automate its reporting.  Today FlexiDAO is one of the leading blockchain players in the energy space, working in 9 countries with 7 utilities and tracking 3TWh of renewable energy per year.

The Need

Our first product RESpring helps Energy Retailers to answer the need of corporates to reach ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility targets by powering 100% of their operations with renewable energy. The question “What does it mean being 100% renewable?” and the risk of being accused of green-washing, puts pressure on corporates to purchase renewable energy from sources that have low environmental impact, boost local economies and have high societal impact and, more importantly, to prove it and showcase it to all their stakeholders and clients.

The Solution

RESpring lets consumers select their preferred renewable source based on their sustainability criteria and then it tracks how this selected renewable generation is matching their electricity consumption with greater transparency and granularity than any other official certification mechanism, including the time component. Any kind of generation asset (from large wind farm to rooftop solar) and consumption point (from manufacturing facilities to households or EV chargers) can be registered on RESpring, allowing for maximum flexibility and scalability. Renewable energy tracking can be applied to regular green tariffs, on-site generation and different types of PPAs, providing corporates with easily accessible and trusted insights for monitoring and reporting. Tracking the origin of energy helps companies avoid greenwashing risks, calculate accurately scope 2 emissions and automate its reporting.

The Value Proposition

For energy retailers, the objectives include helping them to:

·       Enhance their offer portfolio by adding “sustainability” services on top of the electrons

·       Reduce operational costs on energy tracking and management

·       Reduce churn rate and increase overall customer base

For corporate consumers, the objectives include helping them to:

·       Prove to customers and stakeholders that they are consuming renewable energy at any given point of time

·       Decrease time and resources required to complete Energy and CO2 audits and reporting

·       Confirm that their energy suppliers are delivering on their contracts

·       Provide them with a comprehensive sustainability and marketing tool to embed in their online and offline channels that shows the energy flows and the carbon footprint of their activities in real-time