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Cutting edge cyber risk assessment tool for proactive cyber risk management.

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Thematic field:

Smart Electric Grid

Market segment:

Industry, Nuclear, Power Distribution, Power transmission

The start-up

foreseeti enables companies to conduct cyber attack and risk simulations on IT-architectures. By monitoring cyber risk exposure and by revealing both technical and structural vulnerabilities of IT-infrastructures, foreseeti enables IT decision makers to access the robustness of the IT-architecture.

The need

A holistic assessment of cyber risk exposure is only possible by understanding the implications of both technical and structural vulnerabilities in an architecture. Legacy technologies and consultants rely on subjective opinions and approximations of data, where foreseeti relies on objective and quantitative facts.

The solution

securiCAD features cyber risk simulations and risk mitigation suggestions. securiCAD enables cyber risk professionals to assess the security robustness of a current or future IT-architecture. Changes and security mitigations are automatically suggested by securiCAD and can be tested virtually before deployment in the infrastructure.

The value proposition

  • Enable to prioritise security investment.
  • Maintain operations.
  • Prevent financial loss and damage to reputation.
  • Protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.