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Smart air care: connected heat recovery ventilation for healthy and comfortable indoor climate, while saving energy

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The Netherlands


The Netherlands

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Energy Efficiency

The need

Fresh-r® addresses the global need to use less energy to slow down climate change – which is a threat, but also a chance. A chance to increase comfort and health, by monitoring and refreshing indoor air, while making heating and cooling unnecessary.

The solution

By installing a Fresh-r people do not need to heat or cool their homes, if they isolate properly and keep windows closed. Fresh-r® takes care of the indoor air with responsive and connected ventilation through a patented fine wire heat exchanger.


The value proposition

  • Optimal thermal efficiency because the connected and patented heat exchanger is made of copper, that conducts heat 1000 X better than plastic, the material other heat exchangers are made of.
  • Passive House certified –one of the strictest home energy certifications in the world– and award winning. According to international jury because of the least costs per cubic meter for refurbishments.