Business Creation


Off-grid refuelling options for gas operated vehicles. Any type of gas. Anywhere. Anytime.


Kaukaza Street 1-36, lv-1006 Riga, Latvia

The start-up

Multifunctional GasLiner module is a self-contained plug and play active CNG storage system that is both mobile and stationary, biomethane compatible and hydrogen adjustable. It integrates compression, storage and unloading functions usually performed by three different pieces of equipment.

The need

GasLiner addresses a major obstacle in a rapidly growing gas-powered vehicle market: the building cost and resulting availability of gas fuelling infrastructure.

The solution

GasLiner utilises its field proven, patented technology that significantly reduces the cost of vehicle fuelling infrastructure. Pipeline gas is replaced with a fleet of mobile GasLiner trailers to deliver a continuous gas supply to transportation customers. Gasliner’s solution eliminates within the gas supply chain the need for both the compression and the booster (unloading) devices and their respective high CAPEX and recurring OPEX.

The value proposition

  • Reduces CAPEX of virtual gas pipeline by 60% for gas companies and fuel retailers.