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Simple, reliable and cheap gas metering device; a redundancy gas analyser for gas metering and gas mixing stations.

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Thematic field:

Energy from Chemical Fuels

Market segment:

Gas distribution, Gas Transmission, Natural gas

The start-up

A low-cost quality metering instrument that allows for the correct energy balancing of gas grids at natural gas metering, mixing and injection points.

The need

With gas market liberalisation, gas properties vary frequently due to the mixing of gases and injections of biogases. This affects domestic, commercial and industrial gas applications and creates a need for the continuous measurement of gas quality.

The solution

The GasQ-meter is a low-cost measuring instrument for real-time measuring of quality characteristics of natural gas.

The value proposition

  • Comparably simple technical implementation/customisation/repairs.
  • Low operation and maintenance costs.
  • Lower price tag for backup/redundancy analyser.
  • No need for specifically qualified personnel.
  • Portable and customisable implementation.