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Make your own fuel from CO2 at home

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Thematic field:

Energy from Chemical Fuels

Market segment:

District Heating Grid, Energy storage, Heating & Cooling, Residential building

The start-up

willpower-energy makes it possible to transform atmospheric CO2 into fuel and to store energy – in your own home for your own home.

The need

To meet targets of energy revolution, customers need more reliability in renewable energy production technologies. Part of the problem is fluctuation in energy cost and production. This affects private homeowners and commercial customers equally.

The solution

Our product adds stability and reliability to renewable energy generation technologies by making energy storage possible for long-term usage requirements. Methanol as a medium,  produced using our technology, can be easily integrated into current infrastructure. Moreover, the whole process is energy efficent, cost efficient and CO2 neutral.

The value proposition

  • Actively contributes to fight against climate change
  • Generates a single bill for all power consumptions for private consumers
  • Low effort in installation
  • Uses efficient technology in comparison to competitors