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Outdoor lighting market, save energy, energy consumption, CO2, street lights, road lights, artificial intelligence, algorithms, LED.

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Thematic field:

Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

Market segment:

Industry, Municipality, Non-residential building

The start-up

Gradi’s product: PhoCa, is platform for design, control and managing outdoor lighting infrastructures.
By using the state of the art AI algorithms, energy savings for a single project can exceed 70%.

The need

More than 20% of the world’s energy is consumed by lighting. Any energy savings in this area have a tremendous impact on operating cost reduction and CO2 emission reduction. Before a lighting installation is deployed all luminaries, their parameters and distribution have to be chosen, that is, designed. Lighting infrastructure operators or owners preparing for retrofitting or the design and construction of new lighting installations require the designers and suppliers to support the improved efficiency of lighting systems, decreased time and expenditures on the design phase, decreased maintenance cost and satisfactory ROI.

The solution

Design and support services based on proprietary PhoCa software enable the deployment of optimised and well-tailored lighting systems which comply with operator’s needs, such as minimised energy consumption and legal regulations. Additionally, the software enables both the designer and the operator to easily review alternative scenarios of the lighting system layout and operations that are already at the design phase. GRADIS offers unsurpassed design quality based on precise photometric calculations, and quick delivery. For example: preparing a regular design for 6,000 light points takes approximately 2 weeks, while a higher quality, optimised design can be obtained from GRADIS in just 2 days.

The value proposition

  • Complete ecosystem for outdoor lighting installation (inventory,design and control).
  • Ability to calculate optimal parameters for (existing and new) lighting infrastructure.
  • Optimisation of energy usage (even 80% of energy consumption reduction for new installations).
  • Compliance with existing lighting standards and regulations.

Strategic Partners and Customers

Schreder, GE Lighting