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Outdoor lighting market, save energy, energy consumption, CO2, street lights, road lights, artificial intelligence, algorithms, LED.

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The start-up

PhoCa is platform for design, controil and managing outdoor lighting infrastructure.
By using the state of the arts AI algorithms obtained energy savings for a single project can exceed 70%.

The need

Reduce energy spendings on outdoor lighting; Decrease light pollution; Increase human outdoor security&user experience; Decrease impact of too high light intensity on human health; Reduce CO2 emission; Reduce energy waste on transsmision;

The solution

As a result of PhoCa deliverables (30% of energy savings, 6h project time instead 5 weeks engineers works, lower capex) based on precise photometric calculations make the payback of investment in LED outdoor lighting system 34% shorter. It seems to be very important for local authority, road&highway authority and private investors.

The value proposition

  • Shorten by 34% investment payback
  • Multi-variants design project
  • Speed of variants modificaton
  • Dynamic management of street lights intensity
  • Better street&road lights user experiance

Strategic Partners and Customers

Schreder, GE Lighting