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100% Silicon Anodes for Li-ion batteries

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The Netherlands

Thematic field:

Energy Storage

Market segment:

Energy storage

The start-up

Li-ion Anode that is binder and carbon free, 100% silicon coated, 30% higher energy, 75% reduction in manufacturing

The need

Li-ion batteries need longer running times and require much faster charging than an hour, without sacrificing safety

The solution

GDI Si has developed batteries with 30% higher energy, just15-minute charging, and a new standard in safety for Li-ion by solving a key flaw – dendrite formation. The result is a silicon-based Li-ion battery that is superior in performance to current state of the art versions. GDI’s IP-protected manufacturing approach leverages the supply chain, equipment set and advanced processes that are already deployed by the solar industry, allowing GDI to upscale rapidly.

The value proposition

  • Delivers full package of anode and cell.
  • Silicon is a less expensive path to high energy.
  • A non-powder silicon anode is safer and easier to handle than Li-metal.
  • Safety by avoiding Lithium plating and dendrites, helping prevent EV fires/recalls.
  • Silicon is the second most abundant element on earth.
  • Highly scalable path to TeraWatt volumes.