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The next generation energy management tool

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Thematic field:

Smart Electric Grid

Market segment:

Residential building

The start-up

Greenely offers the next generation energy management tool and helps households to monitor and reduce their electricity consumption using a mobile application.

The need

There is a huge information gap about households’ energy usage today. Repeated efforts have been made trying to solve this with expensive hardware that requires unreasonable costs and complicated installation for the households. Millions of smart meters across the world are being deployed to provide information to the users and the utilities. But the capacity of the smart meters has so far been greatly underutilised since there has not been a service making use of this data.

The solution

Greenely makes sense of all this data and provides residents with smart analytics. Using Greenely’s mobile app, households will be able to get an overview of their energy consumption and personalised feedback on their energy behaviour, all with minimum effort and with no additional hardware installation.

The tool utilises learning algorithms that track and analyse the households’ energy behaviours and then adapts accordingly. Through in-depth and targeted analysis, gamification and comparison with neighbours, the households will be incentivised and guided towards a decreased energy consumption.

The value proposition

  • Enables energy and costs saving
  • Requires no hardware installation
  • Provides superiour user experience