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The World’s First Electromagnetic Alkaline Electrolyser for Sustainable Hydrogen, Oxygen and Synthetic Natural Gas Production from Electricity and Water.

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Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency

Market segment:

Hydrogen & e-fuels, Residential building

The start-up

Hymeth is a Denmark-based start-up with a mission to contribute to a more sustainable world. What began life as a product, Hyaeon™ specifically developed for replacing lpg cylinders in cooking appliances has, through several innovations, led to an alkaline electrolyser with the potential to produce cost and energy-efficient low-carbon hydrogen and oxygen. Hymeth’s unique technology is able to make alkaline electrolysis competitive and is reducing both opex and capex compared to today’s technologies.

The need

According to the UN, the world’s emission of CO2 is at a record high. There is an urgent need for clean energy sources. However, many of these sustainable production methods are intermittent, meaning that supply and demand balance is irregular. Thus, a balancing technology and energy carrier is needed to enable more sustainable sources in the energy mix.

According to IEA, hydrogen is promising in many areas; as fuel to PEM fuel cell vehicles, as storage for intermittent renewable electricity, or as an enabler for more sustainable industry, for instance in steel production. Conventional electrolysers for sustainable hydrogen production are very expensive since they require platinum or iridium-based catalyst, energy inefficient and physically large. Moreover, they can compress hydrogen gas only up to 35 bar which makes storing Hydrogen without an additional compressor very difficult, a gas compressor normally compress hydrogen gas at least to 300 bar before storage. A compressor adds additional OPEX and CAPEX on top of the already expensive electrolysis unit for sustainable hydrogen production.

The solution

Hymeth’s product, BEAUTY is a low-temperature alkaline electrolyser, which is compact, lightweight and supports high-pressure electrolysis. Beauty is the result of many radical patent pending innovations like: (1) A new non-precious core-shell CuNiFe metal alloy electrocatalyst, (2) the use of electromagnetism in the conversion process, (3) the spiral design of the anode and cathode, (4) the electro-hydraulic valve and unique nozzles through which it is capable of delivering highly compressed gases that can potentially eliminate the need for an external gas compressor and (5) the design, material and cooling system to ensure that the electrolyser is lightweight and compact to reduce the physical footprint compared to commercial alkaline electrolysers on the market.

The prediction is that BEAUTY will produce hydrogen at a reduced cost by up to 40% compared to existing alkaline electrolyser competitors, thus levelling production cost with other mature technologies like SMR.

The value proposition

  • A matured technology with higher catalyst and electrolyser stack efficiency.
  • Compact and low weight makes installation easy.
  • Robust construction minimizes O&M-cost.
  • Output pressure up to 50 bars (pilot applications testing up to 300 bar).
  • Lower operating temperature (30-40 degrees Celsius).
  • Low CAPEX and Low power consumption reduces operating cost.