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Liquid hydrogen carrier.

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Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Hydrogen & e-fuels, Off GRID, Residential building, Transport & mobility

The start-up

HySiLabs has developed highly innovative solutions to facilitate hydrogen transportation and storage, by charging and releasing it in a unique liquid carrier. Using the industrial Power-to-Liquid process, one of HySiLabs’ solutions, hydrogen is charged into HydroSil, a liquid silicon hydride derivative, which is stable, non-toxic, non-explosive, has a long storage-life and is considered a non-dangerous good. This solution permits the same logistics as conventional fuels and thus revolutionises the hydrogen delivery market. The other high-potential innovation solution is the Hydrogen on-demand process, which enables the release of hydrogen from HydroSil on demand, on site and without any energy input.

The need

In the course of reducing emissions to comply with the goals fixed by the European Union, hydrogen is foreseen to be a key player in a future low-carbon economy, especially in the industry and mobility sectors. Nevertheless, the existing barriers on storage, delivery and safety have to be overcome beforehand.

The value proposition

HySiLabs’ breakthrough innovation has the potential to remove all those barriers hindering the deployment of hydrogen solutions by tackling safety, regulations and supply chain issues. HySiLabs’ high degree of novelty is characterised by the fact that hydrogen can be easily transported in liquid form, HydroSil can be carried everywhere without any specific restrictions and stored for long periods of time, just like conventional fuel. Furthermore, due to its high density, one truck load of HydroSil transports seven times more hydrogen than by high pressure transportation, which reduces the OPEX for transportation and the emissions related to hydrogen transportation.

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