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iNex circular

iNex circular, the 1st waste identification and qualification technology for recyclers and manufacturers

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Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Bioenery & waste to energy, Solar PV

The start-up

iNex Sourcing is for all companies looking for industrial and agricultural waste deposits

The need

80% of the waste is produced by industry and construction. Among them, 60% are not recycled in Europe mainly due to a lack of information from recycling players: private operators and regions.
This lack of knowledge is a real challenge for these two players.
First one is in charge of creating new recycling capacities and their optimization, but do not know how to source other waste than those from their customers. They are mostly players in waste management such as Veolia and Suez, but also, in an increasing way, energy producers such as ENGIE or GRDF.
The second is in charge of recycling scheduling at the local level but have no knowledge of outgoing and incoming flows from companies, apart from costly and often skewed studies. They do not make it possible to successfully implement effective industrial ecology policies.

The solution

INex technology brings a major innovation by integrating artificial intelligence and data analysis into the detection of waste deposits. In a few clicks, iNex performs the equivalent of a territorial audit of several months on waste flows, with more precise targeting. From this technology, we offer two tools.
▪ iNex Analytics for local authorities which makes it possible to detect deposits of waste on the territory of the community and then to find outlets, that is to say, manufacturers that will recover and use this waste.
▪ iNex Sourcing, intended for recyclers and energy producers, detects deposits of waste in a predetermined area and provides information on the potential of this waste (eg: methanogenic power of an organic waste deposit).

The value proposition

  • Time-saving: 3 clicks replace a study that lasts several months, the end of ratio calculations by hand in Excel, no more intermediary (firms, traders…).
  • Economies: 30% time savings for a salesperson, 80% reduction of targeting errors, 75% faster acquisition of deposits.
  • Securing investments: Accurate and up-to-date data in real-time, comprehensive business analysis, data verified by our data team.

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