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Turning biowaste into biomaterials by means of Ingelia's HTC technology.

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Jaime Roig 19, Valencia, Spain.



Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Bioenery & waste to energy, District Heating Grid, Municipality

The start-up

Ingelia’s plants turn organic waste, sludge, digestate, green and food waste into hydrochar, with lower operating expenses (OPEX) than competing technologies. Plants are modular and scaled up by adding reactors.

The need

Organic waste is usually composted or digested, these processes imply high operating expenses (OPEX) and the compost produced does not comply with EU specifications in most cases. There is a need of new proven processes at industrial scale to deal with organic waste products.

The solution

HTC Plants are able to treat organic wastes and turn them into hydrochar, reducing OPEX and GHG emissions. Organic waste is transformed into hydrochar for further applications in the bioeconomy. Ingelia provides HTC technology (engineering and equipment) to waste managers, municipalities and food and drink industries.

The value proposition

  • Advanced developed technology to valorize organic waste
  • Project sustainability protecting the environment and contributing to a circular economy
  • An automatized process, easy operation, odour free and low OPEX.
  • Flexibility to operate and maintain plants, reduction of waste transport.
  • The project encourages job creation and dynamizes the local economy, attracting green investments.
  • Involvement of technology provider in the projects to ensure best plants performance.