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Portable power for professionals.

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Market segment:

Industry, Residential building

The start-up

A portable power supply with a standard CEE outlet that provides full mains power (3.600W) in a lightweight (<15kg) and compact (<15l) way. It is robust and waterproof, makes no noise and emits no toxic fumes.

The need

Professionals need a reliable mobile power supply, e.g. craftsmen, who need to operate large machinery on construction sites. The only available solution at present are generators which are noisy, heavy, emit toxic fumes and have high operational costs.

The solution

Instagrid builds the world’s most advanced portable power supplies tailored to the needs of professionals. Combining our proprietary power conversion technology with the latest li-ion technology, power levels of more than 3.600 Watts can be provided by a compact unit weighing less than 15kg. Designed for professional use, our portable power supplies are robust, waterproof and store up to 2kWh of energy, which usually lasts the entire working day.

The value proposition

  • Cuts down operational costs (saves more than 1.000 EUR on fuel costs in 3 years).
  • Increased efficiency (cuts down installation and operation time by 250 hours over a 3 year period).
  • Increased reliability and availability (no servicing necessary).
  • Reduced hazard level for workers (toxic fumes, noise, cable tripping).