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Turning biowaste into biomaterials by means of Ingelia's HTC technology.

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Thematic field:

The start-up

System for rapid temperature monitoring with a low thermal inertia consisting of a temperature measuring sensor and software with a special algorithm for necessary calculations.

The need

A very significant reduction of dynamic temperature measurement error when compared to conventional thermometers used in the industry for high pressures and flow of fluid.

The solution

A dedicated temperature measuring sensor – thermocouple – built in the form of a cylinder cover and software with its own special algorithm for necessary calculations.

The value proposition

  • Elimination of metal overheating (by 10-15%).
  • Faster and safer start ups, shut downs, and load changes of the power plant units by up to 12%.
  • Lifetime extension of pressure elements in industrial installations.
  • Optimisation of the heating and cooling processes.
  • Superheated steam temperature control can be significantly improved (by up to 70%).