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Upgrade your electric water tank into a smart one.

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Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency

Market segment:

Heating & Cooling, Residential building

The start-up

Klugit is a plug that can be connected to any existing electric water tank, converting it into a smart one, Wi-Fi connected. Through AI, learns and manages your hot water needs.

The need

A tank is not 100% isolated, it loses heat throughout the day, having to switch on to maintain the temperature, generating large waste of energy and money. Also, during their use families never know if the water they have is enough for their needs.

The solution

Klugit allows programming the need for hot water in the tank during the day by switching on and off as needed. Through an intelligent algorithm learns the family’s consumptions and programs itself to warm up water whenever necessary. It also allows to receive notifications if the water tank is not working, or request additional showers in the app if needed. The installation of Klugit can be done very easily in all tanks, without tools.

The value proposition

Wi-Fi app to control
Energy storage and grid balancing for utilities
Dynamic tariffs and smart grid ready
No tools required