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Balancing the electricity grid with the heat storage capacity of comercial coffee machines

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Calwer Straße 50
70173 Stuttgart, Germany



Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency

The start-up

More wind and solar in electricity grids requires more balancing of these with increased resiliency and flexibility. KOENA tec does this with flexibility in commercial coffee machines.

The need

Increasing the share of renewables in electricity grids requires more balancing of volatile wind and solar systems with increased resiliency and flexibility.

The solution

KOENA tec’s flagship product does this with commercial coffee machines by utilizing their already-integrated thermal and electrical flexibility. Decentral, economical appraoch to the control of many units in parallel and the focus on frequency and local voltage stabilization make the service attractive for grid operators.

The value proposition

  • Balancing of electricity transmission grid frequency
  • Balancing of voltage at local DSO grid level
  • Premium value to existing machine lines of manufacturing partners
  • Integrated control and communication in software with minimal additional hardware
  • Monitoring plattform for francise owners and energy market actors
  • Display option for endcustomers increases awareness and engagement