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Technology company that is specialised in developing energy solutions based on smart metering, IoT and big data for energy consultants and energy utilities.

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Av. Primado Reig 118 Entresuelo B
46010, Valencia

The start-up

The Linkener system enables the real-time monitoring of industrial and business electricity consumption through the installation of an electronic device at the communications port of existing electrical meters. The company provides both real-time consumption electricity data and the web tools required to benefit from it.

Energy consumption data is collected from main electric meters and analysed, then presented on a user-friendly web platform. The Linkener platform creates automatic reports, invoice simulations and much more.

Consumption data is monitored in real time, preventing inefficiencies by sending alerts and identifying where money could be saved. This yields immediate results in terms of energy efficiency.

The need

Energy utilities and consultants need their customers’ real-time consumption data in order to make more accurate and efficient purchases and provide better services to their clients.

The solution

Linkener enables them to increase profits by helping them make better demand forecasts, come up with faster solutions and improve their brand image. Once the electronic device is connected to the electricity meter’s communication port, it starts monitoring it and sending the data on to the web server. All the data is managed in the server. Power retailers and energy consultants can use the different web applications to obtain value from the data.

The value proposition

Linkener’s solution is custom-made to suit the needs of up-and-coming energy utilities and consultants. The web platform provides data automatically and in a faster and more user-friendly way than current market alternatives. The Linkener system increases both the efficiency and the competitiveness of energy utilities and consultants.

Energy consultants and utilities do not need to invest money to improve relationships with their clients and increase their profits.