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Vibration damping on metal cutting tools.

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Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency

The start-up

A tool holder with a self-tuning mass damper that can effectively remove vibrations, under a wide operation range. The solution is plug and play and has no maintenance costs.

The need

Vibrations naturally occur in metal cutting operations and it damages the parts and creates energy and material waste in manufacturing. The current vibration dampers need complex mechanical system and requires an intricate set-up process before it works.

The solution

A cost-effective and reliable self-tuning mass damper that can self-adjust to ensure high vibration damping efficiency on a wide operation range. The self-adjustable function removes the intricate tuning process and provides a plug and play product for end-users.

The value proposition

  • Extended lifetime of insert by x10.
  • No need for tuning.
  • Reduces scrap metal.
  • Reduced OPEX.