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Match Rider UG

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Match Rider UG
Emil-Maier-Strasse 16
69117 Heidelberg

The need

Drivers are not incentivized to share their commutes due to the low expected return for a single trip and the perceived cost in time and inconvenience. This lack of supply causes potential passengers to ignore ride-sharing options in favor of more reliable options like private automobiles.

The solution

Match Rider fills a market opportunity in short distance carpooling by lowering the cost/benefit ratio. This gain is reflected in a guaranteed payment the driver receives for sharing their ride, and, for the passenger, an inexpensive, reliable, and convenient mode of transport to and from work.

The value proposition

Fixed meeting locations along the drivers route, called Match Points, work similar to bus stops to help drivers avoid detours. We are different in that we 1) focus on specific, high traffic commuter routes 2) find reliable drivers at reliable times for a reoccurring schedule 3) pay the drivers a guaranteed rate for the ride offers and 4) charge the passengers a price at or below the cost of other transportation options.