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Doubling the power density of hydrogen fuel cells

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Thematic field:

Energy from Chemical Fuels

Market segment:

District Heating Grid, Heating & Cooling, Hydrogen & e-fuels, Off GRID

The start-up

New advances in catalysts, polymers and production methods have allowed us to offer a drastically better product to the market, that can lower productions costs of our clients by up to 33%.

The need

The challenge is the low power density and significant production cost of current hydrogen fuel cell systems, which also affects the competitivenes of fuel cell technologies in various market segments.

The solution

The solution involves our new, highly-active copper/platinum-alloy catalyst, improved polymers, which we developed in co-operation with the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, and a new production method of this type of product, for much higher production accuracy and efficiency. The result of all of the above is a membrane-electrode assembly (MEA) with double the power density of current state-of-the-art on the market.

The value proposition

  • Double Power of exiting products and systems
  • Up to 40% production cost reduction through reducing the amount of components required to achieve desired power output
  • 75% reduction in Platinum used in production