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A charging robot that electrifies your entire parking experience

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18 avenue Rockefeller, 69008 Lyon, France



Thematic field:

Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

Market segment:

Transport & mobility

The start-up

Mob-Energy’s mission is to democratize electric mobility by multiplying the charging points and allowing everyone to recharge when it is necessary, where it is necessary. The start-up offers flexible and innovative solutions to its customers to accelerate this deployment.

The need

Parking companies cannot deploy charging infrastructure for EVs without upgrading the electrical infrastructure. Also, the reservation of specific parking spaces for EVs only, reduces occupancy rate.

The solution

Mob-Energy robots provide a charging service for EVs in any parking. They store energy from the grid and via a dynamic scheduling algorithm, prioritise customers’ orders. The robot moves to the specific car and automatically plugs in via the cars plug-in module.

The value proposition

  • Flexible solution: no need to allocate specific parking spaces for EVs and for charging purposes.
  • Light installation: the charging base only needs a 22kW power supply from the grid.
  • Evolving solution: add robots when needed without additional work.
  • Premium solution: for every EV, integrate monetisation tools and a UX approach.

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