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Measure the capacity of grid connection points of wind and solar energy converters as a means of technically and financially optimising their grid integration.

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The start-up

The new device offers an extended evaluation that allows customers a deeper insight into their grid/electrical device etc. Technical problems can be detected and costs of grid integration reduced.

The need

Measuring grid impedance can avoid technical problems and possibly outages and therefore save costs. The full capacity of grid connection points can be used to lead to more energy feed-in and more revenue. Costs for grid expansion can be cut down.

The solution

The measurement device offers an extended evaluation of grid connection points. It can be determine how many renewable energy plants/consumers can be connected to the grid and how the grid is influenced. This can enable  large-area grid monitoring with automated analysis.

The value proposition

  • Measurement of power quality
  • Determination of grid capacity
  • Assessment of harmonic propagation
  • Measurement of grid impedance