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Micro bioenergy generation power plants

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10 rue des usines, 44100 Nantes, France

The start-up

NAODEN is manufacturing micro power plants that valorise waste to turn it into energy. The concept that has been developed is orientated to modular and standard units that can be put in parallel or series to address various energy needs and various typologies of solid fuels.

The need

Major challenges facing society concern environmental and waste issues. CO2 and waste must be reduced to meet European and world standards.

The solution

Imperium is a bioenergetic cogeneration power plant that simultaneously produces electricity and heat from wood or biomass waste. The technology used is gasification and it provides an electrical output of 90 kW and a thermal output of 160 kW. The wood consumption is about 0.78 kg / kWhel. The power is expandable because units can be put in parallel.

The value proposition

  • Waste reduction.
  • CO2 reduction.
  • Energy bill reduction.

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