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Increased comfort, consistent temperature and complete control

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Thematic field:

Smart Electric Grid

Market segment:

Heating & Cooling, Residential building

The start-up

Ngenic creates a platform for the smart home and has chosen to start the revolution with intelligent control of indoor climate.

The need

The built environment accounts for 40% of the world’s energy consumption. Managing energy consumption more efficiently in buildings is therefore key to sustainable development. In addition, households take increasingly ownership of the energy transition and are willing to benefit from new technologies to reduce both their impact on the environment and energy bills.

The solution

Ngenic has developed Ngenic Tune, a smart thermostat that enables houses and villas owners to save energy and money. Combining three small devices and a mobile app, it collects accessible data – indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, and weather – and let the user choose and control the desired indoor temperature, while seeing the heating patterns and following the energy savings at the same time.

The value proposition

  • Environmentally aware heating, enbaling both energy and cost savings
  • Increased comfort with a more uniform indoor temperature
  • Supporting today’s hydronic heating systems
  • Easy to install – “Plug-n-play” system installed in 20 minutes
  • Easy to use and control via a mobile app, regardless of where the user is.