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Renewable energy forecasting and micro smart grid management solutions.

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Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Offshore wind, Onshore wind, Power Distribution, Power transmission

The start-up

Nnergix’s cutting-edge technology combines satellite weather data and energy production values, providing customised solutions and specific monitoring designed for energy integration purposes.

The need

Due to the complexity of renewable energy resources and their dependence on changeable weather conditions, companies need to predict their energy production in order to integrate it correctly and efficiently, while also reducing economic costs.

The solution

Renewable energies are clean and endless but hard to deal with due to their unpredictability. Nnergix provides cloud-based software as a tool that easily integrates and displays key information from the electricity market. This enables the forecasting of short-term availability of solar and wind power production and monitoring, creating essential information for self-consumption, electricity grid and supply management.

The value proposition

  • High accuracy forecasts and customisation.
  • Meterological data for infrastructures.
  • Monitoring solutions designed especially for electricity grid integration purposes.