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Thematic field:

Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

Market segment:

Gas & Steam Turbines

The start-up

NOEM designs and produces a prefabricated construction system based on locally sourced natural materials that has minimised and controlled CO2 emissions at every step of the process. The company has designed a versatile wood-based construction system that combines modularity and pre-industrialisation to allow personalised energy efficient buildings to be designed, built and assembled on site, in a matter of weeks. NOEM is a ThinkCO2 project.

The need

Private landowners need energy efficient buildings to keep maintenance costs affordable, but the market has a lack of expertise in combining architecture materials- installations to address efficiency. Modular building solutions only offer catalogue solutions, and ignore design and customisation.

The solution

NOEM has developed a wood-based and modular construction system that can be personalised according to project and customer needs, which allows individually designed solutions and fast implementation. A methodology and an expert team can deliver high-performance building solutions.

The value proposition

NOEM offers an integrated solution that covers design, manufacturing, installation and final delivery. That means a clear goal-oriented and measurable solution in four key axes: efficiency in kWh/m year, time to delivery in weeks, cost in euros and carbon footprint in COtonnes. It also allows total customisation and design, thereby offering unique buildings and healthy houses.