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Nordluft Automation

Efficient drone based forest fertilising and bio ash recirculation

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c/o EIT InnoEnergy
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111 23 Stockholm



Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency

Market segment:


The start-up

Nordluft Automation is a Swedish development company working to automate a range of forestry and agricultural businesses via unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. Their technology reduces production costs, increases green industrial processes efficiency, and protects the environment.

The need

Tractors, modified forest machines and helicopters are used to spread forest feriliser and bio ash. An alternative technology that can perform the same task in a more efficient and sustainable way is needed.

The solution

Nordluft Automation has developed an automated spreading system based on the world’s first commercial application of a heavy lift drone swarm for forest fertilising and forest bio ash recirculation as main applications.

Nordluft provides:

  • A small of collaborating heavy lift electric multicopters
  • An avdanced drone swarm control system for maximum autonomy, performance and safety
  • A system approach with the base station logistics and functions integrated in the product

The value proposition

  • Up to 80 % cost reduction of spreading
  • Lower CO2 emissions compared to current spreading methods
  • Less noice
  • More even spreading
  • High flexibility in work area size and position with regards to distance from a road.