Business Creation
EU flag is the first social energy trading platform for collective and profiled energy purchasing and switching. logo

Obornicka 330, 60-689 Poznań, Poland



Thematic field:

Smart Electric Grid

Market segment:

Residential building

The start-up allows small scale customers – households and SME – to execute bulk-buying power and shop around for the best energy deals, and switch to the most competitive retailers offering black or green electricity and gas.

The need

Today, energy consumers find it difficult to shop around for the best energy deals and need encouragement to go green. They can either search for alternatives by themselves through hundreds of suppliers or use price comparison websites, which are just sales “leads”. To meet consumers expectations there is a strong need to bring the energy wholesale market down to a retail level.

The solution

Ogarniamprad provides customers with the most competitive, safe, easy and transparent remote and 24/7 energy company switching procedure. A one-stop-shop.

The platform aggregates energy packages based on tariff, location and profile, and uses real time reverse auctions to bid the lowest prices automatically, economically and safely. Energy sales and purchase transactions are made simple and both sides of transactions (consumers and retailers) are represented. It fully supports the growth of renewable energy sources.

The platform has been built in an open for development model, using open standards and proven technologies that highlights cloud computing model, Web2.0 model, semantic web. It is compatible with most popular web, mobile and desktop, browsers. It is integrated with social media platform Facebook. It follows the General EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

The value proposition

  • Bulk-buying power resulting from collective purchasing of dual fuel.
  • Easy access to most competitive offers for black and green energy.
  • Online and in real time negotiations.
  • Savings 10-40%
  • Secure – full support in switching procedure and during contract term.
  • Value added to retailers.