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A water leakage search the smart data way.

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Hydropower, Municipality

The start-up

OmegaLambdaTec provides a solution that combines sensor-based water leakage signal extraction algorithms with extensive physics-based digital twin simulations to optimally localise defects in water grid infrastructures.

The need

Even in modern water grid infrastructures (e.g. in Germany) more than 5% of drinking water is often lost between the source and the consumer. Utility companies are officially required to reduce this percentage of lost drinking water and therefore must take action.

The solution

A novel data-driven solution that localises water leaks in infrastructure grids. It is based on a new ‘virtual triangulation’ method that uses the flow measurement data of the existing water sensor infrastructure as input. By combining the actual signal extraction from the flow sensors with hundreds of physics-based digital twin simulations, it is possible to detect and constrain the most probable location of the actual water leakage.

The value proposition

  • Meets official requirements and those of water supplying cities.
  • Minimises the time consuming efforts of repair teams to pin-point the location of water leaks.
  • Saves costs on the full detection and repair process.
  • Saves natural resources.
  • Significantly reduces the amount of wasted drinking water.