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Find, compare and instruct transport companies in minutes

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Pamyra GmbH
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Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency

Market segment:

Transport & mobility

The start-up

It has never been so easy to book transport. The ingenious concepts of carpooling and web-comparison are applied to the logistics industry and merged into an easy-to-use online platform.

The need

Four problems have been solved: a non-transparent market, high transport prices, the considerable effort required for booking transport, and the large number of empty trips.

The solution

An easy-to-use online platform has been created for the logistics industry that combines and applies the ingenious concepts of carpooling and web-comparison. Transportation companies digitise all their offers in minutes by uploading pricing tables, services and empty trips onto the platform. Shippers can directly compare the prices and services of the companies for free, and decide for themselves with which to entrust their delivery.

The value proposition

  • A one-off effort for participating hauliers.
  • Compare prices, attributes, customer feedback and quality of all hauliers in one go.
  • Direct booking process – no more waiting for offers and reactions.
  • Innovative route-vicinity-algorithm.