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Peafowl Solar Power

Energy production made beautiful and customisable

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Henry Säldes väg  10
756 43 Uppsala



Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Non-residential building, Solar PV

The start-up

Peafowl Solar Power develops highly transparent and ultra-thin plasmonic solar cells.

The need

Local power production requires aesthetic solutions. Low-power off-grid solar cells could solve the following problems: in cities, the infrastructure vulnerability to grid-fluctuations and blackouts; as a means to power IoTs in a market expected to consist of trillions of connected devices.

The solution

This technology provides solar cells with a unique plasmonic nanoparticles architecture,  fabricated via self-assembly layer-by-layer deposition – a scalable, economical and
environmentally friendly process.

Peafowl solar cells can be made transparent or customised in colour for seamless integration. They are also stable for outdoor use.

Free from toxic and rare materials, they are produced at low cost and in compliance with UN sustainable goals.

The value proposition

  • Customisable – enable seamless integration into architecture and design without compromising aesthetics
  • Provide an economical and environmental-friendly solution
  • Scalable production
  • Sustainable solar cells