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The start-up

When a building gets too warm inside, while it’s cold outside, Active Insulation enables the insulation of the building to be switched ‘off’ until the building has cooled down to the desired temperature. When the ideal temperature has been reached, the insulation can be switched on again, retaining a comfortable temperature level inside.

The need

Combined with internal heat sources such as heat generated by human beings, or by computers and other machinery, the ever thicker insulation often causes the building to overheat. This is most often combated by using air-conditioning, resulting in using additional energy and incurring costs even when the building is fully insulated.

The solution

Active Insulations adds an ‘on’ and ‘off’ function to insulation. A groove or channel structure is added to conventional hard insulation boards and a forced ventilation switch is placed between both surfaces, allowing for heat or cold to flow from outside to inside, or vice versa. When an intelligent control system with temperature sensors drives the switch, the insulation becomes an active element of the building’s heating and cooling system.

The value proposition

  • Use the natural temperature outside to heat and cool buildings.
  • Substantial energy savings, up to 30%.
  • Avoid artificial cooling and heating.
  • A completely closed loop, without external piping or air channels.
  • Possibility to cool buildings during summer nights without opening doors or windows.