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Plactherm Technology

Smart underfloor heating system.

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Calle Alameda 22, bajo., 28014 Madrid, Spain

The start-up

Smart underfloor heating system with the maximum zonification in the market. Plactherm system allow custom temperature per employee inside an office, increasing comfort (increase of productivity) and reducing energy and cost consumption. At the same time, the system include occupancy sensors to just heat where and when the employee is.

The need

It has previously not been possible to create different comfort areas in a room (different zones with different temperatures). Up to now the most common systems warm from top to bottom when actually the ideal method would be the other way around.

The solution

A tile with a resistor element and embedded sensors, an isolation layer and a structure with electronics is the basis of an innovative heating system that can also be controlled remotely. It is highly efficient, has sensors, and is able to create thermal zones.

The value proposition


  • Comfortable system.
  • Intelligent and efficient heating system.
  • Lowers costs.
  • Patent technology.
  • Software analysis for the highest efficiency and relevancy of information for the user.