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An online platform that sources and analyses recycled polymers

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Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

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The start-up

Poly to Poly is a circular economy market place specialised in the scientific analysis and marketing of recycled polymers. It offers not only plastic to manufacturers but also significant experience and expertise in the field of durable polymers.

The need

With hundreds of recyclers on the European market, the purchase of the right recycled polymers becomes extremely challenging. Data is often either too heterogenous or simply unavailable, particularly when it comes to quality, volume and price. Furthermore, there are few places where homogenised data is published.

The solution

Through precise and homogenised processes of collecting data, Poly to Poly gives access to a new generation of information and shapes the digital passport for polymers. This is critical for the market fluidity of the recycled polymers. This innovation will boost the circular economy of polymers and energy savings in the field of chemical production.

The value proposition

  • Circular economy
  • Connecting plastic recyclers and plastic converters

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