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Qualifying Photovoltaics S.L.

Continuous performance analysis of PV installations to maximise their profitability.

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Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Solar PV

The start-up

Their product: PhotoVoltaic Evaluation Tool (PVET) is an advanced performance analysis service that assures a real time and comprehensive audit of large PV plants portfolios. PVET is based on a Big Data system aimed at optimising the production and O&M costs of PV plants.

The Needs

Current monitoring systems do not provide accurate analyses of faults in plants – many of which can be detected – producing large losses. In addition,  performance analyses and diagnosis is performed manually requiring a substantial workload.

The Solutions

PVET offers an advanced system for the detection and diagnosis of failures using big data techniques and artificial intelligence. It includes accurate failure detection and diagnosis, predictive maintenance and energy forecasting with low uncertainty. The analyses are not limited to the individual plants but study photovoltaic assets as a whole, obtaining higher levels of optimisation. This new approach allows clients a greater strategic vision of photovoltaic assets and enables a more precise evaluation of their operation.

The Value Propositions


  • Advanced fault detection.
  • Automatic fault diagnosis.
  • Easy asset management.
  • Preventive analysis: soiling, PID, hot-spots, etc.
  • Strategic vision of clients assets.