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Metal-free and environmentally friendly aqueous flow battery system for large-scale energy storage

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Thematic field:

Energy Storage

Market segment:

Energy storage, Off GRID, Power Distribution, Power transmission

The start-up

Rivus develops a redox flow battery that uses organic molecules dissolved in neutral aqueous electrolytes. Replacing metal redox-active materials by organic molecules benefits to both price & supply volatility.

The need

The current energy storage technologies available all depend on the supply of rare, unsustainable and expensive materials, such as lithium, cobalt and vanadium that will only increase in price as scarcity issues develop.

The solution

This innovative flow battery technology is based on organic molecules dissolved in aqueous electrolytes. As it consists of only highly abundant elements, the redox-active molecules can be efficiently synthesised on a large scale and with a very small environmental footprint compared to conventional technologies. Once an annual production scale of a few tonnes has been reached, battery prices of 150€/kWh are expected.

The value proposition

  • Small environmental footprint
  • Cost-effective
  • Inherently safe
  • Adaptable and ideal for large-scale applications